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Read all the details about your favorite character here!

Note: Some character info may be false, to set you on the wrong foot!
Warning: All character data here contains spoilers on all Episodes released so far!

Behold, all the characters of The HOLS so far! The characters are organized as a map. As you can see, Roy, Peter, Ellen, Chris, May and Nanako are grouped together because they live together in The HOLS. Dennis is on their left (or right, depending on how you look at it) because he's their neighbor. Next to the Neighborhood, you also have people Far Away, like Gretl. You can click on a character below to get more information about him or her. Also do note that a character profile may change the more you get to know about the character during the course of the story.

Character map Alphonse Aura Ben Bob Chris Dennis Ellen Ellis Erika Gretl Martin May Ministers Nanako Nico Patrick Pete Peter Rachel Roy Samantha The Nameless Girl
Characters who were one shots aren't listed here. Only recurring characters!

Do you have a suggestion or just a general idea? Either about the image above or about a character profile? Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail! See the Contact and credits section for more info.

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