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Aura Kristine

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Aura is Nico's enemy. She has entered The HOLS merely to be able to kill Nico and get revenge on Nanako. However, now she is locked away somewhere for an indefinite amount of time. Aura doesn't care about others or what others think about her and as a result isn't very social with anyone. She really goes her own way and doesn't let others stop her. That doesn't mean she's out to annoy others, though. She only does what she deems necessary. She's just out for revenge. She always seems irritated for a reason, but she never loses her cool. She'll stay calm no matter what. ...Usually, anyway. She's a cold-blooded killer. Oftentimes, she turns into a cat to spy on others.

"Heh, I don't care. You deserve to die either way."


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