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Quiz: Episode 101

A quiz about Episode 101 version 8

This is a small quiz to test out how this system works and how the readers will react. This quiz asks questions about Episode 101 (version 8) only. Because of that, the questions are very specific! Don't worry if you get a low score. I don't expect anyone to be able to answer all of these questions. But do not use the website to look up the answers to these questions! And read the questions one at a time, since some latter questions spoil the answer to previous questions.

The maximum amount of points is 100. There are 18 questions in total.
The harder and more important a question is, the more points you get for it.
The amount of points per question is expressed between parenthesis for every question.

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0-10: Ouch
Click here for your exact amount of points
I'm afraid that this isn't such a good score. Don't worry, though. This was a very hard quiz and nearly impossible to get the right answers unless you have a good memory. Better luck on the next quiz.
11-20: Meh
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You did okay-ish. It could've been better, but it's not horrible. Perhaps you'll do better if you read the details of the story a bit more?
21-30: Fair enough
Click here for your exact amount of points
The questions were hard. Very hard. This is maybe a normal score for a quiz this hard. Consider that the easier questions give less points than the hard ones. So unless you have a really good memory or are really lucky, this seems like a normal score.
31-40: Nice
Click here for your exact amount of points
You've got quite a few of those questions. You probably noticed that your score is actually below 50%, but don't let that discourage you. It's actually quite a nice score! Really, it is.
41-50: Good
Click here for your exact amount of points
Good! Very good! If you manage to get this many points, you can call yourself a fan, because it's not easy knowing the answers to most of these questions. Sure, you didn't even get half of the points, but you can easily lose points to the harder questions, so this is quite a feat!
51-60: Impressive
Click here for your exact amount of points
Either you're very lucky, you're really good or you cheated. To get more than half of the points means that you must've at least gotten quite a few of those hard questions right. That's not an easy task. You can be proud!
61-70: Super
Click here for your exact amount of points
I'm proud of you! I don't think many will be able to get such a score. You nearly got all of them and that deserves some praise. Yes, you even get praise if you just guessed your answers. (But not if you cheated)
71-80: Unbelievable
Click here for your exact amount of points
Did you really do that? Do you know what that means? That you only got a few questions wrong... On such a hard quiz! Tell me, did you just guess or do you just know a lot? Don't tell me you cheated, or I'll be hunting you!
81-90: Excellent
Click here for your exact amount of points
Marvelous. Simply marvelous. That someone managed to get such a score on my quiz. Brings a tear to my eye. It's people that read my story and manage to know and remember these little things that strike me deep in my heart.
91-100: Awesomecakes
Click here for your exact amount of points
If you managed this without cheating, then... I am not disappoint! There's only one word for such an achievement: Awesomecakes. Yes, it's really that good. There's nothing like a fan like you. Now go out there and be proud and shine!

01. What is the title of this Episode? (5)

A: Fate
B: Controlled by fate
C: Never-ending fate
D: The beginning of fate
E: Where fate points us
F: The gears of fate
The reason I chose this answer is because I wanted to say something like "Roy has done something that had set the gears of fate in motion".
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "The gears of fate"
All answers have something to do with fate, so this is a difficult question. Most answers also insinuate the beginning of something and the following events being controlled by this fate. All answers seem appropriate for a first Episode, but there is of course only one correct answer.

02. How old is Roy in the first scene? (9)

A: Kindergarten age
B: Sixteen years old
C: Seventeen years old
D: Eighteen years old
E: Nineteen years old
F: Elderly age
It's not that old of a Flashback. It was right before Roy fled to The Netherlands, so he couldn't be much younger than he is now. In fact, he was only a year younger, Seventeen.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Seventeen years old"
You could choose Roy's age from Kindergarten to Elderly. Both of those seem unlikely though, so that leaves Sixteen to Nineteen. If you know that Roy is now Eighteen and that the first scene was a Flashback, then you can figure that Nineteen isn't possible either.

03. Which way did the truck move? (4)

A: It moved to the left
B: It moved to the right
C: There was no truck at all!
D: There was a truck, but it didn't move
E: There was a truck, but you don't know which way it moved
F: There was more than one truck!
Amazing! This was one of those tough questions. To be honest, I completely forgot myself which way the truck moved. I had in my mind that it went to the left, but apparently I didn't write that down. So instead, it's unknown!
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "There was a truck, but you don't know which way it moved"
Of course, this was a very mean question. Who can remember something like this? And this is a trick question too! There was indeed a truck and my intent was to have him move to the left. However, I forgot to write that down so its direction is unkown.

04. For how long has Roy's newly bought mansion been abandoned? (8)

A: Over 5 years
B: Over 10 years
C: Over 15 years
D: Over 20 years
E: Over 25 years
F: Over 30 years
You have a way with numbers. I honestly just made up a random number that sounded good when I needed to think of the amount of years Roy's mansion has been abandoned. Now I regret it a little, since I think 10 years was a better choice.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Over 20 years"
You really either had to guess, cheat or have a very photographic memory to get this one right.

05. Roy's neighbor offered Roy help from his... (4)

A: Brother
B: Cousin
C: Father
D: Nephew
E: Uncle
F: Friend
Yup, he offered help from Pete, who is Dennis's cousin. They differ 2 years in age.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "Cousin"
Pete is a construction worker and also Dennis's cousin. He owed Dennis one, so he agreed to help Roy reconstruct The HOLS.

06. As thanks for the offer, Roy got his neighbor... (6)

A: A mug
B: A refrigerator magnet
C: A magazine
D: A thank-you card
E: Flowers
F: Money
Yes, this kind of gift is getting rarer by the day, but it used to be pretty common to give a mug as a gift. Usually for your father or mother on Father's Day or Mother's Day respectively, to show your appreciation for all their hard work and to show that you love them.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "A mug"
A thank-you card or flowers might have been the obvious answers. It just happened that Roy saw a "Best Neighbor" mug by pure coincidence.

07. Why did Roy get home so late from shopping? (5)

A: A robber robbed the gift shop
B: He nearly got hit by a car
C: A girl started throwing beds at him
D: He just went out late for shopping
E: There was a hostage situation
F: He was staying at a hotel
Yes, Roy got into a hostage situation and was held at gunpoint. Did you know, the robber that robbed the gift shop makes a return appearance?
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "There was a hostage situation"
Answer A and Answer C may seem plausible since both of these actually happened, but they aren't the direct reasons of why Roy was late. Answer F isn't a reason at all to be late.

08. What is Pete's nickname? (5)

A: Pete the Builder
B: Quick Pete
C: Construction Pete
D: Petey
E: Cousin
F: He has no nickname
It's a nickname that Pete thought of himself. It's a kind of marketing, to get a recognizable name that people will use.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Construction Pete"
Answer A, B and E are all "true". He is a builder, he is quick and he is a cousin. Despite that, he isn't called any of those. Petey is the nickname for a different character: Peter.

09. How much did Roy think that renovating his mansion cost? (7)

A: Nothing/Free
B: A few hundred
C: A few thousand
D: Tens of thousands
E: Hundreds of thousands
F: A million
It was pretty silly for Roy to think that the renovation of a whole house is only a couple of thousand Euros. It sure surprised him when he did hear the actual price. That price remains unknown forever, though.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "A few thousand"
Even though Answer D or even Answer E seem more likely, we're talking about Roy here. He's naive and thought it wouldn't cost him too much. He isn't so naive that he thought it was free, though...

10. And how much did it actually cost to renovate his mansion? (5)

A: Nothing/Free
B: 599 Euros
C: 5000 Euros
D: 99 999 Euros
E: 150 000 Euros
F: Unknown
Pete simply whispered the amount into Roy's ear, so it's unknown for us. It has to be a pretty high amount, though, since Roy was pretty shocked. The reason I made this amount unknown is because I don't know much about the costs of home renovation.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Unknown"
Pete wouldn't ever do something like this for free. He is a businessman after all! It could be any amount, but we don't know since Pete whispered the amount into Roy's ear. It will forever remain a mystery!

11. What did Roy do when he was staying at the hotel? (6)

A: He just kept sleeping and sleeping
B: He kept a log of what happens
C: He cleaned the room
D: He wrote a diary
E: He tried to interact as much as possible with other people
F: Continuously staring into space, occasionally falling asleep
Roy found a diary lying near the bed and he figured he'll write in it. Having nothing interesting to write about, he just made things up and made it into a space trip. I, as the author, just wrote down the first things that came to mind when thinking about the room Roy was staying in.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "He wrote a diary"
All answers seem plausible at first, but they're all completely wrong. Roy certainly did sleep, but it wasnt the only thing he did. Roy did write something, but it was not a log of what happened. It was a made up story. The room was dirty, but Roy didn't want to clean it. Roy didn't exactly avoid human contact, but he didn't do anything to seek out this contact. Roy did a lot of staring, but it wasn't the only thing he did.

12. What did Roy NOT do when he was staying at the hotel? (4)

A: Taking a bath
B: Sleeping
C: Almost getting killed
D: Screaming
E: Reading a diary
F: Talking to himself
He didn't take a bath, simply because he didn't know that there was a bathroom. He remained dirty for many months. It's a miracle he didn't get ill!
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Taking a bath"
A lot of the answers seem improbable of happening, but they all happened, except one of the most common things. He didn't take a bath. Roy started screaming and talking to himself out of boredom and loneliness.

13. What did Roy see when the girl crushed his skull? (In Roy's words) (6)

A: Hell
B: Heaven
C: Her holy spot
D: Her genitals
E: Darkness
F: Everything
Apparently Roy still has attention for the things he likes, even if his own life is in danger. He likes girls so much that he compares their privates to Heaven. I guess it's appropriate, since it's something he won't reach while he's still alive. Ba-da-bum-DISH!
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "Heaven"
Roy was only looking at one thing when his skull was crushed. He looked up the girl's towel. He won't call something like that Hell or Darkness. Roy is too naive to use such a direct word like genitals, so he used Heaven.

14. How did Errol know Roy was an orphan? (7)

A: Roy just told him
B: Roy had "this look" on his face
C: Errol just simply guessed
D: Roy wasn't with his parents
E: Roy wanted to start an orphanage
F: Errol didn't know this
Errol's guess was correct, but his reasoning isn't. Just because someone isn't with his parents doesn't mean that they're an orphan. Nonetheless, he hit the nail on the head. He thought Roy was the kind of person that would be with his parents 24/7 if he had the chance.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Roy wasn't with his parents"
Answer C seems correct, because Errol did make a guess. But it wasn't a wild guess since he had some reasoning. The other answers are just not true.

15. Errol wanted Roy to visit him again... (5)

A: So Roy can give him money
B: So Roy can give him new clothes
C: So Roy will offer him to stay at The HOLS
D: For a nice long talk
E: For a status update on his orphanage
F: For dinner
All Errol wanted is for Roy to visit him for dinner. And it was Errol's treat too, even! He could've gotten something from Roy, but he is better than that. Good boy, Errol!
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "For dinner"
Apparently Errol is a very pure person. He didn't want anything from Roy and he trusted that Roy could handle things on his own from here on out. He simply wanted some company from him so he invited him over for dinner.

16. What was wrong with The HOLS after the renovation? (5)

A: It wasn't like Roy's blueprints
B: There were no locks on the doors
C: It had a strange shape
D: There were no windows
E: There was no problem at all
F: There was construction trash everywhere
Roy completely messed up his blueprints and Pete just followed that design. It resulted in a building with very odd proportions. It was actually due to my inability to design normal houses that The HOLS ended up like it did, and I just used Roy's clumsiness as an excuse.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "It has a strange shape"
Answer A might seem likely, but Pete actually followed Roy's blueprints very closely. It's just that Roy's blueprints were wonky. For the rest, Pete is a very clean construction worker who doesn't forget the details like locks or windows.

17. How did Roy decide to get orphan girls? (4)

A: Advertize on the Internet
B: Word of mouth advertisement
C: Print out ads and post them in town
D: Have a huge billboard in front of The HOLS
E: Ask the State for the record on orphan girls and contact them
F: Let the State direct orphan girls to The HOLS
Roy figured that everyone visits the internet, so everyone will see his ad. (It's actually a Myspace page.) Of course, something like that (normally) doesn't work. Roy is just being silly, but he got lucky.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Advertize on the Internet"
Answers E and F would be the worst decisions, since Roy would be denied and get a huge fine to boot. The best option would be an ad. Roy did get a huge billboard, but that was Episode 103, not Episode 101.

18. How does Roy consider his experience setting up The HOLS? (5)

A: Interesting
B: Fun
C: Absolutely not fun
D: Trial and error
E: Scary
F: Refreshing
Roy wasn't positive about this, but not entirely negative either. He thought that he just dived in headfirst and he'd deal with problems along the way. In other words: "Trial and error".
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Trial and error"
Answers A, B and F are out of the picture since Roy didn't experience this positively at all. But he wasn't entirely negative about it either, so Answer C is wrong too. He just simply thought it was a matter of trying and fixing problems along the way.

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