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Quiz: Episode 101

A quiz about Season 1

Season 1 closes the first 6-7 months of Roy's adventure with The HOLS. He has met many people and learned quite a bit about them. All events in Season 1 were an introduction to what is lying ahead for Roy. Many things happened in these 6-7 months, ranging from small events to momentous occasions. Do you think you know everything that has happened in Season 1? Test out your knowledge with this quiz! (Of course, no cheating allowed!) Naturally, there are spoilers for Season 1, so if you haven't read all Season 1 Episodes yet, I advice you to do so first.

The maximum amount of points is 400. There are 40 questions in total.
The harder and more important a question is, the more points you get for it.
The amount of points per question is expressed between parenthesis for every question.

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0-20: Uhm...
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I'm sorry, but this isn't really all that great. I don't know what went wrong, but clearly something did. Are you sure you've read all the Episodes of Season 1? Perhaps you forgot most details? Don't worry about it, though. There's always next time! Let's hope things will go better then!
21-40: Ouch
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This isn't exactly the best score you can get. It's not the worst, but you can always do better. Maybe if you put more thought and effort into this, you can get a better score! Don't give up hope yet! Maybe you just had a stroke of bad luck. I'm sure things will go better next time!
41-60: Uh oh
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You're certainly not the worst, but there are still a few problems here and there. I'm not sure what went wrong, but if you read the story in more detail, I'm sure you would've gotten a much better score. Maybe it was just too long ago since you've read the story?
61-80: Not that good
Click here for your exact amount of points
This is not that good, I'm afraid. This is about the score you'd get if you guessed all the answers. If you didn't know any of the answers and you had to guess, then this is acceptable. Maybe you can prepare a little before doing a quiz. Things will go better then.
81-100: Meh
Click here for your exact amount of points
You did okay-ish. It could've been better, but it's not horrible. It's still quite an acceptable score. Perhaps you'll do better if you read the details of the story a bit more?
101-120: Somewhat knowledgeable
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It's clear that you know a thing or two about The HOLS, but you're no master yet. Nonetheless, you can be happy with this score. Sure, it's a little below average, but it's clear that you're knowledgeable enough about The HOLS.
121-140: Fair enough
Click here for your exact amount of points
This is about the score I expect from people for whom it has been a while since they've read The HOLS. You just don't know all the details anymore, so it's natural you make a few mistakes here and there. Only the people with high attention to detail, a great memory or an awesome devotion to The HOLS would probably get a higher score than this.
141-160: Getting there
Click here for your exact amount of points
You're pretty good at this, but not exactly spectacular. This score is nothing to sneeze at, though. You can be proud of this score!
161-180: Almost 50%!
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Yeah, that's right! You got almost 50% and for a quiz this long, that's pretty impressive. And it's more impressive if you consider that the subject material is pretty old already. Give yourself a small pat on the back. And now let's aim for an even higher score!
181-200: Nice
Click here for your exact amount of points
You've got quite a few of those questions. You probably noticed that your score is actually below or exactly 50%, but don't let that discourage you. It's actually quite a nice score! There were many questions and they were pretty ambiguous at times. So it's a good score. Really, it is.
201-220: Very nice
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Right on! You broke the 50% mark! That's reason enough for celebration! You scored better than most people did. Think about that. That's pretty awesome, right? Right! So be proud!
221-240: Good
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Good! Very good! If you manage to get this many points, you can call yourself a fan, because it's not easy knowing the answers to most of these questions. Sure, it's about 58%, but you can easily lose points on the harder questions, so this is quite a feat!
241-260: Very good
Click here for your exact amount of points
Very good! Yes, very good! I think this is a score only a real fan can get. Really, with 6 possible answers per question, you can't easily guess and get this score. You really need to know quite a few things to be able to do this.
261-280: I like! I like!
Click here for your exact amount of points
Yes, I really like this score you got. Getting this many questions right means you actually do pay attention to The HOLS. I'm proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too! If I could give "Awesome fan" labels, I'd give you one.
281-300: Impressive
Click here for your exact amount of points
Either you're very lucky, you're really good or you cheated. To get close to three quarters of the points means that you must've gotten quite a few of those hard questions right. That's not an easy task. You can be proud!
301-320: Most impressive
Click here for your exact amount of points
I'm really impressed with this. You got more than 75% right! You know what that means, right? That means you've done something that is extremely difficult! I wish I'd get scores like these all the times on all the quizzes I do.
321-340: Super
Click here for your exact amount of points
I'm proud of you! I don't think many will be able to get such a score. You nearly got all of them and that deserves some praise. Yes, you even get praise if you just guessed your answers. (But not if you cheated)
341-360: Unbelievable
Click here for your exact amount of points
Did you really do that? Do you know what that means? That you only got a few questions wrong... On such a huge quiz! Tell me, did you just guess or do you just know a lot? Don't tell me you cheated, or I'll be hunting you!
361-380: Excellent
Click here for your exact amount of points
Marvelous. Simply marvelous. That someone managed to get such a score on my quiz. Brings a tear to my eye. It's people that read my story and manage to know and remember these little things that strike me deep in my heart.
381-400: Awesomecakes
Click here for your exact amount of points
If you managed this without cheating, then... I am not disappoint! There's only one word for such an achievement: Awesomecakes. Yes, it's really that good. There's nothing like a fan like you. Now go out there and be proud and shine!

01. Whose idea was it to call the orphanage "The HOLS"? (11)

A: Roy
B: Dennis
C: Pete
D: Errol
F: Peter
Yes, it was indeed Errol the homeless person from Episode 101 who thought of naming the orphanage "The HOLS". The HOLS means The House of Lost Souls and Errol just thought that sounds nice. Roy thought so too, so he took his idea.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Errol"
It couldn't have been Peter, since he wasn't even around during the naming of The HOLS. Dennis is too timid and TNG had nothing to do with The HOLS. When Roy got thrown out of the hotel, he had a conversation with Errol the homeless person, and there he got Errol's advice to turn his mansion into an orphanage called "The HOLS".

02. What is Dennis's last name? (8)

A: Constapolis
B: Constantinopel
C: Constantine
D: Constipel
E: Constiranol
F: Constimane
Yes, that's right! Constapolis is a pretty weird name, isn't it? I just thought Dennis needed a unique last name and this is what came to mind. I did the same for his fake name in Episode 112: Prilskin.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Constapolis"
All of these names look alike! And there is no clear logic of finding out which one is the right one. You either had to guess it right or you needed to remember his last name.

03. What is Pete's nickname? (8)

A: Pete the Builder
B: Quick Pete
C: Construction Pete
D: Petey
E: Cousin
F: He has no nickname
It's a nickname that Pete thought of himself. It's a kind of marketing, to get a recognizable name that people will use. You might have noticed this is the same question from the Episode 101 quiz.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Construction Pete"
Answer A, B and E are all "true". He is a builder, he is quick and he is a cousin. Despite that, he isn't called any of those. Petey is the nickname for a different character: Peter.

04. Roy first thought Peter was Ellen's... (9)

A: Twin brother
B: Brother
C: Cousin
D: Friend
E: Caretaker
F: Butler
Peter first explained he was Ellen's caretaker, but Roy didn't quite understand that and thought he was Ellen's butler. To him, there is no difference between the two. Of course Peter was offended.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Butler"
At the beginning of Season 1, Roy is pretty dense, so he doesn't pick up the most obvious facts. So Twin brother, Brother and Cousin are wrong. Roy heard Peter was Ellen's caretaker and thought that's the same as a butler.

05. Peter was first against Roy. What made Peter eventually take his side? (14)

A: Roy's charms
B: Roy's perseverance
C: Roy's scolding
D: The power of Roy's eyes
E: The power of Roy's yell
F: The power of Roy's walk
Chris semi-harassed Roy and took off Roy's sunglasses. This revealed Roy's eyes for the very first time. When Peter saw these eyes, he realized he was dealing with an actual human being with feelings and emotions.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "The power of Roy's eyes"
Answer F seems a bit silly and Answer E seems unlikley too. The other answers are possible, though. However, it was clearly the power of Roy's eyes that convinced Peter.

06. What first attracted May to The HOLS? (9)

A: She just stumbled upon it
B: Sounds coming from the house
C: The beautiful garden
D: Dennis's recommendation
E: An advertisement
F: The size of the house
That's right! May was running down the street and suddenly a wind blew under her skirt. She stopped for a second and saw the huge billboard outside. This is what made her interested.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "An advertisement"
Though, Answer A would've gotten you 4 points. May saw the billboard advertisement before she saw the garden or the size of the house or before she heard the sounds. She didn't even meet Dennis before coming to The HOLS.
Correct-ish! The best answer was E: "An advertisement"
This isn't the completely correct answer, but I still give it 4 points because it's partially correct. May just happened to stop running because of a draft, which can be considered "stumbling upon The HOLS". However, this draft isn't exactly what made May attracted to The HOLS, so this answer isn't completely correct.

07. Roy undressed May on her first night at The HOLS. Why? (8)

A: It was completely an accident
B: Roy couldn't contain himself
C: May wanted him to, specifically
D: May needed lotion rubbed on her back
E: Roy had to give May a massage
F: There was a bug stuck in May's pajamas
May's futon was pretty old and there were bugs in it, without her knowing. She slept in it at night and a bug started crawling in her pajamas. She screamed and Roy came to the rescue in an ungraceful manner. There are many ways to get rid of the bug in her clothing, but Roy specifically chose to undress her for obvious reasons.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "There was a bug stuck in May's pajamas"
Given May's nature, she wouldn't ask Roy anything naughty, so Answer C, D and E are out of the question. Given Roy's nature, Answer A and B are possible, but this is not what happened. Roy simply wanted to get rid of a bug.

08. Who first noticed Ellen in The HOLS? (10)

A: Roy
B: Peter
C: Chris
D: Nanako
E: May
F: Dennis
You didn't fall for the trick question! Of course it's Peter who first noticed Ellen in The HOLS, since she is with him all the time. However, Chris was the first to get a photograph of Ellen and only after that did Roy notice her by smashing his suitcase into her head.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "Peter"
This was a trick question. Of course it's Peter who first noticed Ellen in The HOLS! She's with him all the time, after all.

09. To meet Chris's guardian, Roy traveled to... (11)

A: Berlin
B: Nordhorn
C: Hamburg
D: Stuttgart
E: None of the above
F: Unknown
Roy and Chris went to Germany by train. However, when the engineer wanted to announce the next station, you couldn't hear what he said, so the actual destination is unknown. I did this because I want to avoid using actual city names.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Unknown"
You never hear which city Roy and Chris went to. "None of the above" would be a tempting answer in this case, but remember that it COULD'VE been Answer A, B, C or D. It's just that you don't know if that's true.

10. When Chris met Gretl, he became sad because... (15)

A: He didn't love Gretl
B: Gretl scolded him
C: He has childhood traumas
D: Gretl gave away Chris without a fight
E: Roy didn't sign the adoption papers immediately
F: He didn't really get sad. It was a joke from Chris
Chris was always abandoned by his many parents, so when he heard he could've gotten a foster mother who would love him if he loved her back, he got sad. He also regretted this, because he essentially ruined Gretl's live and made her a bitter person.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "He didn't love Gretl"
I wanted to give points for Answer D, since it's close, but it's just not true. Answer F is the worst one, since Chris was definitely serious. Answer B, C, D and E are all things that happened but they're not the cause for Chris's sadness.

11. What country does Nanako come from? (6)

A: The Netherlands
B: Brazil
C: Japan
D: United States of America
E: England
F: Germany
Nanako comes from Japan. Her name is Japanese, after all.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Japan"
This question is easy if you know the name "Nanako" is a Japanese name.

12. What does Nanako consider her weapons? (10)

A: Her breasts/body
B: Her gadgets
C: Her wit/manipulation
D: Her immense strength
E: All of the above
F: None of the above
Even though Nanako has all of the above, she considers none her weapons. You didn't fall for this trick question. Nanako doesn't really consider anything her weapon.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "None of the above"
This was a bit of a trick question. Nanako has all of the above, but she doesn't consider anything her weapons.

13. What is the main reason The HOLS got remodeled? (12)

A: Nanako didn't have a real room
B: No one had any interior decoration
C: Roy thought it was time for a change
D: To change the hideous shape of The HOLS
E: To add a laundry room
F: Everyone wanted a back yard
Nanako got a closet for a room and she didn't like that at all. Since she had the power to change it, she did exactly that. She manipulated and convinced Roy.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Nanako didn't have a real room"
Even though Answer B and E are true, it was not the main reason for the remodelling. Answer C and F are just not true. The shape of The HOLS got arguably worse. It was all Nanako's plan so she could get her own real room.

14. Who was the non-HOLS member on the trip to Ibiza? (10)

A: Pete
B: Dennis
C: Nico
D: The scratch-card guy who gave the prize away
E: A random builder who worked on The HOLS
F: Errol
TNG was a builder remodelling The HOLS at the time and Roy had a ticket left. He randomly picked TNG after the suggestion for Dennis, Pete and the scratch-card guy got rejected.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "A random builder who worked on The HOLS"
Answers A, B and D were suggested by people but quickly rejected. Nico wasn't even introduced yet and Errol stopped appearing since Episode 101.

15. What are the names for the high schools? (8)

A: TBE and HQE
B: TBE and EFL
C: TBE and BEE
D: BEE and EFL
E: BEE and HQE
F: HQE and EFL
BEE means "Best Education Ever" and HQE means "High Quality Education" (and TBE and EFL apparently mean "The Best Education" and "Education for Life", though these schools don't exist). Nanako and Nico go to BEE High School while Peter, Ellen and Chris go to HQE High School.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "BEE and HQE"
This is a matter of just knowing the answer or being lucky and guessing right.

16. What was Nanako's first setback when entering high school? (12)

A: She wasn't accepted at first
B: She couldn't find the classroom
C: She met Nico and strange things happened
D: Erika was in her way
E: She didn't get along with the other students
F: She didn't enter high school
Yup, she didn't enter a high school at first! She accidentally entered a primary school. It's rare for Nanako to make mistakes like this.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "She didn't enter high school"
As with most questions, most answers have happened, but aren't the correct answer. Answers A-D are like that, they are true, but they weren't the very first setback. And Nanako didn't really have trouble getting along with other sudents (save for Erika).

17. Which one is Ben and which one is Bob? (5)

A: Who?
B: No seriously, who?
C: Who are Ben and Bob?
D: Oh wait, I think I might remember...
E: Ben is the black kid and Bob is the fat kid
F: Or was Bob the black kid and Ben the fat kid?
Who are they again? Oh right, Ben is the fat kid and Bob is the black kid. I hope no one takes offense to that, though. They're just so forgettable...
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Or was Bob the black kid and Ben the fat kid?"
Answers A, B and C would've given you 2 points, because you know, no one knows who they are.
Correct-ish! The better answer was F: "Or was Bob the black kid and Ben the fat kid?"
Yeah, I don't blame you for not knowing who they are, so you still get 2 points.

18. What is Erika's last name? (9)

A: Horse
B: Swan
C: Snake
D: Mouse
E: None of the above
F: Unknown
Alright, you didn't fall for this trick question! Erika's last name is Swann and not Swan! Why is it written with two Ns, though? I just thought that looked better. It's more graceful that way, in contrast to Erika's personality.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "None of the above"
This was a trick question. You might think her last name is Swan, but it's actually Swann, with two Ns.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "None of the above"
This was a trick question. You might think her last name is Swan, but it's actually Swann, with two Ns. If you knew this and thought I had typo'd Swann as Swan, you can add 9 points to your score manually... But no cheating! Only if you really thought I had typo'd Swann!

19. Why did Nico take Nanako out on a date? (13)

A: It was a random idea Nico had
B: His parents forced him to
C: He was simply in love with Nanako
D: He wanted to test if he was in love with Nanako
E: Nanako asked him
F: It wasn't a date at all!
When Nico's parents noticed that Nico got happier when he was around Nanako, they thought that Nico was in love with her. They adviced Nico to go out with Nanako, but they were basically just forcing him to. They're still good parents, though.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "His parents forced him to"
Nico wasn't in love with Nanako (not romantically anyway), and he didn't have any doubts about that either. Nanako certainly didn't ask Nico out and it was clearly a real date. The idea wasn't random either. If you knew all this from Episode 108, then the correct answer is clear.

20. Whose idea was it to have Nanako and Nico be siblings? (12)

A: Nanako
B: Nico
C: Both Nanako and Nico
D: Martin
E: Rachel
F: Roy
It was all Martin's idea to make Nanako Nico's sister after Nanako mentioned she regarded Nico more as a little brother than as a lover. It was a passing remark from Nanako, but Martin took it seriously.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Martin"
Even though Nanako regarded Nico as her little brother, the adoption wasn't her plan. Nico never had any such thoughts and Roy wouldn't dare to "give Nanako away" like that. Rachel might've been possible, but she isn't too fond of Nanako.

21. How did Nico (nearly) die? (15)

A: Asphyxiation
B: Blunt force trauma
C: Drowning
D: Blood loss
E: Just magically
F: Hyperthermia
Aura strangled Nico, but she actually filled his lungs with water, which is considered drowning. She then left him to die, but luckily Nico was saved thanks to the efforts of two girls.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Drowning"
At first, you might think that Nico died from asphyxiation, since Aura strangled him, but that wasn't his cause of death. Nico was never hit by anything, nor did he have any open wounds. Nico was more cold than warm when he died. And no one dies "just magically".

22. At what age do magicians usually realize their powers? (9)

A: At birth
B: Age 5
C: Age 8
D: Age 12
E: Age 15
F: Age 18
Nico explained to Nanako that most magicians realize their powers at age 8. That's rather young, isn't it? It's age 8, because it's the age when kids start experimenting with more "adventurous" things.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Age 8"
Nico said he realized his own powers at age 12, but that normally magicians realize their power at age 8. Maybe you mixed that up?

23. And at what age did Nico realize his powers? (12)

A: At birth
B: Age 5
C: Age 8
D: Age 12
E: Age 15
F: Age 18
Yes, Nico is a late bloomer. He was a whole 4 years late with realizing his powers. But that didn't stop him from being a pretty good magician. Is there a reason for why he's such a late bloomer?
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Age 12"
Nico said he realized his own powers at age 12, but that normally magicians realize their power at age 8. Maybe you mixed that up?

24. Nico is part of what Magic Family? (11)

A: Cukorian Family
B: Endorian Family
C: Fermorian Family
D: Platorian Family
E: Emitorian Family
F: Acorian Family
Cukorian, that sounds like he's a little cuckoo, doesn't it? All of these answers are derived from other words: Endure, Fermi, Platonic, Emit, Acorn. These are actual Familes in The Magic Society.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Cukorian Family"
This is probably a very difficult question if you don't have an eidetic memory.

25. Peter's medication is against chronic... (10)

A: Nausea
B: Headache
C: Stomachache
D: "General" ache
E: Depression
F: Insomnia
Apparently, Peter has trouble sleeping, so he has to take these pills to get back to sleep. Too bad for Peter, these pills helped Ellen do what she did in Episode 112. It made him feel really bad for using those pills. That didn't stop him from using them, though.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Insomnia"
This is again one of those question that you should just know the answer to if you want to get it right (or you need to be very lucky). Though, Answer D is very vague and is probably not the right answer.

26. What was Vicky's initial name? (7)

A: Catmandu
B: Mr. Cat
C: Cathy
D: Polcat
E: Just "Cat"
F: She didn't have an initial name
May gave Vicky the name "Mr. Cat" when she first met Vicky. Vicky wasn't very happy with this, since she is after all female (despite not having genitals).
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "Mr. Cat"
Answer A, C and D are all puns with the word Cat. If you know it was May who first named Vicky, then you can figure that May doesn't want to give animals "punny" names. She does like giving them "adorable" names, so Answers E and F are also out of the question.

27. How did Alphonse manage to infiltrate The HOLS? (8)

A: Due to Roy's naivety
B: Due to Chris's silliness
C: Due to Aura's evilness
D: Due to May's unawareness
E: Due to Peter's carelessness
F: It was nobody's fault
May expected Peter and Ellen to come back home any second, so when the doorbell rang, she opened the door with a smile and closed eyes. This made it very easy to Alphonse to just walk in. Silly May!
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Due to May's unawareness"
It was May after all who opened the door and let Alphonse in. The rest had nothing to do with this.

28. How did Roy manage to infiltrate Alphonse's house? (12)

A: Alphonse left the door open
B: Roy kicked the door in
C: Roy lock-picked the door
D: Peter and Ellen opened the door
E: Dennis opened a window
F: Roy sneaked inside when Alphonse wasn't looking
It may seem anti-climactic, but that's what happened. Dennis gained Alphonse's trust and got inside his house. Once inside, he opened a window so Roy could sneak in at a later time when Alphonse wasn't home.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "Dennis opened a window"
Alphonse isn't so careless to leave open his front door. Roy simply didn't think of kicking in his door. Peter and Ellen were locked away themselves, so they couldn't open the door. Roy isn't a thief nor can he do sneaky things.

29. What is the name of Alphonse's croupier? (7)

A: Joker
B: Ace
C: King
D: Queen
E: Jack
F: Kevin
All the other names (save for Kevin) are the names for his Poker partners. (Haze, Xing, Quinn and Jackal). Kevin is just a random name I added there. There is no Kevin. There won't be a Kevin. Joker has no connections to the Batman. Joker is not a mental patient.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Joker"
They are apparently all names of playing cards, save for Kevin. This is one of those questions where you just need to know the answer.

30. For how many days were the twins locked up in Alphonse's house? (Half days count as whole days in this case) (13)

A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
E: 5
F: 6

The twins were taken away. (1 day) Roy slept a day and took Dennis with him and had a Poker match. (2 days) They slept again and Dennis had his match with Alphonse and lost. (3 days) The next day, Roy infiltrated Alphonse's house and saved the twins. (4 days)
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "4"
You might think that it has been 2 days because Roy and Dennis had two Poker matches in 2 days. But if you count the half days before and after these Poker matches, then you end up with 4 days.

31. How many different nicknames does Nico have? ("Twerp" and similar don't count) (10)

A: 8
B: 7
C: 6
D: 5
E: 4
F: 3

Roy calls him Nick. Samantha calls him Nicky. Pete calls him Nickers. Nanako calls him Nuri. May calls him Nurio. Chris calls him Nurinur. Aura calls him Brat or Twerp, but those aren't exactly nicknames. Peter and Ellen don't have a nickname for him out of respect.
Wrong! The correct answer was C: "6"
If you consider there are 7 HOLS members and the twins plus Aura don't have nicknames for him and then that there are Samantha and Pete, you'll end up on 6 nicknames.

32. And how many nicknames does Chris have for other people? (10)

A: 10
B: 9
C: 8
D: 7
E: 6
F: 5

Roy = Daddy. Nanako = Na-chan. May = Mayes. Peter = Petey. Ellen = Elley. Aura = Aurora. Nico = Nurinur. Dennis = Danny. Pete = Peeps. 9 in total. Chris also has a nickname for himself (Chrispiness), but that doesn't count.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "9"
If you know Chris has nicknames for everyone he meets on a semi-daily basis, then you can just count the people he meets on a semi-daily basis. There's 9 in total. The members of The HOLS, Nico, Dennis and Pete. Of course, he himself is excluded, since we're asking about nicknames for other people!

33. Why does Aura turn into a cat? (11)

A: She just likes being a cat
B: It's a spell she can't reverse by free will
C: She doesn't get any opportunity to turn back into human
D: She turns into a cat as if a werewolf, but at broad daylight
E: She wants to spy on other people
F: The cat is her true form

That's right. Aura wants to collect as much intel as possible on Nico. She wants this information to use it against Nico. So far, it hasn't really been succesful, though.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "She wants to spy on other people"
Considering there's a thing like magic, all answers seem plausible. Though, Answer F would be a rather scary but interesting plot twist. Turning into a cat is Aura's free will, so Answers B and D don't seem likely. Aura isn't one who enjoys something quickly.

34. What's Ellen's "catchphrase"? (8)

A: Uguu!
B: Ayuu!
C: Nuuu!
D: Uuuu!
E: Yuuu!
F: Onuu!

Uuuu doesn't mean anything, though. Nor do any of the other answers mean anything. Uguu and Ayuu both come from the visual novel called "Kanon" ("Uguu" is Ayu's catchphrase where "Ayuu" is a mix of "Ayu" and Makoto's catchphrase "Auuu") I wanted Ellen to have a catchphrase too and thought Uuuu was so silly, it was perfect.
Wrong! The correct answer was D: "Uuuu"
There is no logic here. You either need to know this or be lucky and guess right.

35. What's Nanako's last name? (10)

A: Marayana
B: Hiragana
C: Katakana
D: Maharajana
E: Himanayana
F: Karamigana

Hiragana and Katakana are types of Japanese alphabet, so to say. Nanako's last name is difficult, but not so difficult as Answers D, E or F. Marayana is the same last name as mine (or rather, my alias). I did not make this name up myself.
Wrong! The correct answer was A: "Marayana"
This is again just knowing the answer. Though, it helps to know that Hiragana and Katakana are a type of Japanese alphabet, so those are probably not the right answer. If you know that Nanako's last name consists of 4 syllables, then that leaves Answer A.

36. At what age did Roy develop his interest in girls? (9)

A: Since birth
B: Age 6-7
C: Age 9-10
D: Age 12-13
E: Age 14-15
F: Age 17-18

Roy came to The Netherlands after his father died in the Flashback scene. It wasn't until his arrival in The Netherlands that he started developing this interest in girls. He wouldn't have bought his mansion and created The HOLS if he didn't have this interest. Think about that.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Age 17-18"
This is an answer that can be found at Roy's character page.

37. May is good at many things. But what is she bad at? (9)

A: Social activities
B: Working with electronics
C: Running
D: Math
E: Trivial knowledge
F: Remembering things (ie. She has a bad memory)

May wouldn't even know how to operate an oven or a dishwasher if it wasn't for the other HOLS members to explain it to her. You have to wonder how she managed to survive without such knowledge.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "Working with electronics"
May isn't the queen in social activities, but that's not her weakest point. May is actually a good runner and she's good at math too. She knows plenty of things and her memory isn't bad at all!

38. Every HOLS member has their own "main color". Which one isn't right? (9)

A: Roy is red
B: Peter and Ellen are blue (dark-ish and light respectively)
C: Chris is green
D: May is purple-pink
E: Nanako is yellow
F: Aura is black

Peter's color is either dark-ish blue or just plain blue. Aura's color is dark-purple, but it has never been black despite her clothing and hair being as black as can be.
Wrong! The correct answer was F: "Aura is black"
Episode 106 tells you all the colors for the HOLS members. Aura wasn't a member yet then, but if you know that Answers A to E are correct, then you can figure that Answer F must be incorrect!

39. Which of these roles did TNG not play? (13)

A: Builder
B: Police officer
C: Dealer
D: Functionary
E: Bus driver
F: Train traveler

She hasn't been a bus driver, but she has been a taxi driver before, though, in Episode 105 where she drove Nanako to The HOLS. She has been a... Episode 101: Hotel visitor. Episode 102: Library visitor. Episode 103: Supermarket employer. Episode 104: Train traveler. Episode 105: Taxi driver. Episode 106: Builder. Episode 107: Teacher. Episode 108: Police officer. Episode 109: Dilvery girl. Episode 110: Functionary. Episode 11: Private investigator. Episode 112: Dealer.
Wrong! The correct answer was E: "Bus driver"
This is again a matter of just knowing or guessing right. Though, this was a trick question in that TNG was never a bus driver, but she has been a taxi driver.

40. Which of these travel methods is used the most by the HOLS members during Season 1? (7)

A: Car
B: Bus
C: Train
D: Subway
E: Airplane
F: Bicycle

The car has been used three times. The train has been used three times. The subway hasn't been used once. The airplane was used twice. And the bicycle has been used about four times. The bus has been used many times before Nanako got everyone bicycles. It was very expensive to go to school every day by bus, so that's why Nanako bought those bicycles.
Wrong! The correct answer was B: "Bus"
There is no subway and Answer E seems unlikely too. If you know that there were no bicycles for The HOLS member to use until Episode 111, then you can figure that's an unlikely choice too. If you know that Peter, Ellen, Chris and Nanako used the bus to go to school, you can figure that one has been used the most.

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