Update 57: 05-02-10 03:48

57 - 05-02-10 03:48 - Added Episode 110


Friday, 5th of February 2010, 03:48 (3:48 AM) - Okay, I've made a little lie. I said I would release Episode 110 yesterday, but it became today. However, it's still a record! I made it in a mere 9 days! And it's the longest Episode yet! This one will explain almost everything about Episode 109, which is why I did my best to get it out there as soon as possible. I can't leave you guys in the dark for so long after Episode 109. However, this Episode will indeed explain a lot, it will also create new questions and leave a few things open. I tried my best to have Nico's seret explained and I hope it's very clear and believable. That's what I strived for. Also, this is the first Episode to contain actual cursing. You'll see near the end. In any case, read and enjoy! The spoilers will be added in a week.

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