Update 58: 14-02-10 14:40

58 - 14-02-10 14:40 - Added Episode 110 spoilers


Sunday, 14th of February 2010, 14:40 (2:40 PM) - First of all, happy Valentine's day! Hopefully you're right now doing fun and romantic things with your girlfriend or boyfriend. For those who aren't (that includes me), I hope you'll have a fun day nonetheless! In any case, I realize I'm a bit late with updating the spoilers. They were supposed to be updated Friday, but somehow I just forgot and realized it now. Anyway, two new Characters are added. I opted to not include Enb and Obb because they're really insignificant characters, even moreso than Ben and Bob. Alpha, Beta and Gamma are out too because, really, we know nothing about them except that they're Ministers. We don't even know their real names! They are also supposed to stay ambiguous, but who knows, maybe I'll add them some day. I hope you all like the two new Characters. Did you also like finding out Nico's secret? Was it confusing or was it clear? I did my best to explain it as clear as possible! All questions (and there were a lot) are added to The FAQ. Right now I'm working on the Dutch versions of Episode 103 and 104 and after that I'll begin working on Episode 111. Just one hint: It will be a TBC (To be continued) Episode.

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