Update 62: 09-09-10 23:39

62 - 09-09-10 23:39 - The HOLS moved


Thursday, 9th of September 2010, 23:39 (11:39 PM) - It has been a while since the last update, hasn't it? Well, I had a few problems with my old host, and from this moment on, the old HOLS website is no more! Instead, we now have a very neat hols.com website! What does that mean? Nothing much, except that the site seems a little more professional without a ".110mb.com" in the address. It's like I'm completely independent now! In any case, I want to let you know, Episode 112 is definitely on the way. Also, I have some plans on restyling the Scripts page, Contact page and Subscriptions page, but not until I've added the Dutch site first. Oh, and don't worry about your subscriptions, they're all still intact.

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