Update 63: 01-12-10 01:20

63 - 01-12-10 01:20 - Episode 112 added, concluding Season 1!


Wednesday, 1st of December 2010, 01:20 (1:20 AM) - Phew... How long has it been since the last script update...? Yikes! More than 7 months! I just procrastinated to no end! There is no real excuse for this except that I kept thinking "Meh, I'll write the next few lines tomorrow". Maybe the main reason it got stalled that much is because one of the themes in this Episode is Poker, and I had no idea how to write about Poker. (Then why did I choose it as a theme!?) In any case, I have released Episode 112 finally and as always, it's in Beta for the first week and spoilers will be added to the site next week. Episode 112 is a direct sequel to Episode 111. Do you still know what happened in Episode 111? No? Worry not, I added the summary for Episode 111 to the beginning of Episode 112. Can you believe that this is the last Episode of Season 1? Yes, that's right... There's already a full Season of The HOLS! As a bonus and as a way of saying sorry, this Episode is extra long. It's 42 pages! I also tried to make it as epic as possible. I hope you will like the conclusion to Season 1. You can read it at the Scripts section.
I also noticed that Episode 111 was still in Beta (oops!), so I fixed that too. There are minimal differences between the Beta and version 1.

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