Update 65: 07-01-11 13:31

65 - 07-01-11 13:31 - Added Twitter and "Extras and Information" section


Friday, 7th of January 2011, 13:31(1:31 PM) - Some of you may have noticed it already, but I've added a Twitter box at the front page. I did this 2 weeks ago, actually. As you can see, there's an "official" HOLS Twitter, where you can read the small insignifcant updates as well as the bigger updates. The Tweets are usually about behind the scenes when I work on The HOLS or they're sneak previews of the script I am working on.
There's also a new section! It's called "Extras and Information" and it's pretty self-explanatory. Here you can find documents about things in The HOLS. Expect to see things like guides to school or guides to magic. There are also other extras like quizzes. Though, there's only one thing on there right now and it's a test quiz. It's a quiz about Episode 101, and the questions are specific and quite difficult. You can try it out, if you want. I am working on a quiz for Season 1 right now. And hey, maybe, some day in the future, I can put other stuff in there like soundtracks and wallpapers...

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