Update 70: 28-05-11 16:25

70 - 28-05-11 16:25 - Episode 201 finally out of beta!?


Saturday, 28th of May 2011, 16:25 (4:25 PM)

It's been pretty quiet for some time, hasn't it? Due to procrastination on both my and Nummlock's (the beta tester) side, it took quite some time before Episode 201 came out of beta. So, what are you getting for this long wait? ... Nothing! Episode 201 went into beta without any typos or logical fallacies apparently and Nummlock was satisfied with the result.
Does this mean you're in for a complete disappointment? Well, sort of, but not really. I am getting very near the end of Episode 202 -- which I again procrastinated the heck out of. Honestly, I should be more disciplined about this. Which is why I signed a deal with a motivator of sorts who keeps reminding me that I need to work on The HOLS. Sadly, the motivator is missing rght now (?), but I anticipate their return.
So, what does this mean for you, the reader? Episodes are becoming more perfect with increasingly few differences between beta and official release. Episode 202 is coming along fine and is nearly finished. And in the future, Episodes will release much quicker (I hope).

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