Update 71: 01-07-11 03:03

71 - 01-07-11 03:03 - Introducing a new member: The Motivator


Friday, 1st of July 2011, 03:03 (3:03 AM)

I think it's about time for a new update after much procrastiation. The funny thing is, this update is entirely related to my procrastinating. I procrastinate so much that I decided to "hire" a Motivator (he doesn't actually get paid). This guy will address me daily on The HOLS so that I will keep being motivated and will keep working on it. It's a fool-proof system, right? RIGHT!?
Yeah, if it really were fool proof, then Episode 202 would already be released. But I am in the middle of my exams right now, but that will be over tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of the summer break and I will have plenty of time to work on The HOLS, among other things. On a side note, I've looked into working on The HOLS VN, but I am too intimidated by the amount of work that comes with it. (Specifically, work I can't do, like animation and music.)
Without further ado, introducing The Motivator: WhiteReverse. He's most likely the most avid fan of The HOLS and I am always looking forward to his opinion on my works. He's a writer himself and he also does animations. Right now, he's working on a series called Reversed, but he has worked on things like Camaspin in the past (which sadly went unfinished).

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