Update 72: 05-07-11 16:28

72 - 05-07-11 16:28 - Finally added Episode 202


Tuesday, 5th of July 2011, 16:35 (4:35 PM)

It was a long wait, but it's finally here! Episode 202 has finally been uploaded. Check the Scripts section to read it. As always there's also a printer-friendly version for those who can't stand the colors or those who want to print it out. I have yet to upload the summary though, but I will do that ASAP. I just hope nobody wants to read the summary 5 minutes after the Episode has been released...
This Episode took a long time, mostly because I procrastinated. (Sorry.) You'll be surprised if you look at how many months are between Episode 201 and 202. That said, I believe I'll write a bit faster (rather, more often) now. It's summer break and there's a Motivator on the team now. I'm really confident in this, as I actually wrote the last 12 pages in just two days. Episode 202 ended up having 37 pages, just like Episode 201. So, have fun reading Episode 202 and look forward to Episode 203!

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